Realization of safety with ingenious patented technology

Encapsulation Technology

Eliminated the possiblility of an internal short circuit that may occur as a result of external shocks of foreign materials.

Routejade has developed a Encapsulation technology to make positive electrode plate and separator be integrated by heat-sealing.
With this technology, the energy density per lithium ion of the secondary battery was improved and the failure rate was decreased, so we could make a high production yield.
Encapsulation, unlike stacking method of Chinese company, resolved alignment issue by making the positive / negative size same that is the Key of safety and reliability.
As a result, we've blocked the issue caused by size discrepancy or misalignment.
Encapsulation is patented not only in Korea but also in U.S, Japan, China and Europe.

Elimination of possibility of the "Internal Short Circuit" by burr / debris

Encapsulation is patented not only in Korea but also in U.S, Japan, China and Europe.
Encapsulation fully prevent physical contact of the positive electrode plate and the cathode plate.
as a result, this can solve the possibility of the internal short-circuit caused by the debris or remaind residue on the cathode/anode plate.

High-capacity cell can be manufactured in a limited space

Encapsulation & Stacking technology makes possible to produce high-capacity cell in the limited space since it doesn't make the dead space in the odd shaped batteries.


Fully automated manufacturing line including encapsulation and stacking line realized high productivity improvements over existing manufacturing process.

Manufacturing process


From tiny medical devices to the energy storage system, Routejade will develop and supply the battery that can be applied to any products that customers need.

Design flexibility for any shape


Routejade provides batteries of higher capacity through constant technology innovation.
We also have mass production with charging voltage 4.4V and 4.45V, already.

Minimizing of application