With 20 year experience, we are preparing our customer's future

Business Philosophy

Routejade's main goal is to make a 'Valuable Company'
for the company and the employees as well.

The happy workplace is the most important factor
to happy family and merry life.

The CEO has a responsibility
to make the employees happy

and the employees have a responsibility
to develop their company.

Management Ideology

  • ‘self-regulating management.’

    The employees of Routejade make
    very high performance and satisfactory results
    by self-regulating management.

  • ‘Innovative technology development’

    Our passion for the development of
    new technology derives from the strong belief
    that no matter what we will make a
    good achievement with no fear of failure.

  • ‘Leading the marke with the best quality.’

    Routejade's quality control system is not
    only a basis to our sustainable management
    but also a very important factor
    to the customer's trust.


Routejade will be a pioneer which leads the future energy industry.

Routejade has been growing continuously as a one of the main manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries. furthermore, with its own patent 'Encapsulation', It has been providing the best lithium-ion batteries to many customers worldwide.

Thank you for your visit to our homepage.
We are growing continuously as a main manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries.
We provide the best quality lithium-ion batteries with patented technology.
We will be a pioneer that leads the energy industry of future.
Our main goal is to provide the innovatve energy solution for our customers' success.
With our unique and efficient technology, we are able to provide the best quality batteries.
We are convinced that customer's confidence to our products is the best value, so we always do our best to provide the reliable and sustainable products and service to our valuable customers.

Established year 2000.03
Number of Employees 175 people (2021 year)
Manufacturing products Lithium-ion polymer battery
Location HQ/Factory – Nonsan (Korea) / Sales Office – Seoul (Korea)


Routejade's history for the future energy industry.

  • Selected as a IP(interllectual property rights) star company

  • English name of the company is changed to Routejade from RouteJD

  • Awarded “10 million dollar exporter tower” by KOTRA

Period of Growth
2021. Established 2nd Factory for long term growth strategy.
2020. For higher production capacity of pouch cell, we installed 4th FLPB line
2019 Established the 3rd automatic production line for Pouch Type Cell
2015.07 Established the 2nd automatic production line for Pouch Type Cell
2014.11 Selected as a IP(interllectual property rights) star company
2014.10 English name of the company is changed to Routejade from RouteJD
2013.02 Registered as FLPB Supplier to Motorola
2012.11 Awarded “10 million dollar exporter tower” by KOTRA
2011.10 Launched the full automated assembly line for FLPB (Flexible Li-ion Polymer Battery)
2011.07 ISO 14001:2004 certification
2010.10 ISO 9001:2008 certification
2010. Started supplying PD products to Garmin
Period of Leap
2009. Provided technology cross-licensing to one of world’s top chemical companies, Dow Chemical
2009.06 Name of company was changed to “Route JD, Inc.”to provide total solution with Kokam family
2007.01 The smallest Coin type Lithium ion battery PD1255 released
2005.11 Awarded “Iron Tower Industrial Service Merit” from Government
2005. Launched FLPB(Flexible Li-ion Polymer Battery) that has flexible size and shape
Period of Founded
2003. Hybrid type of SLPB (Superior Lithium Polymer Battery) development The Thinnest Large Capacity(15A) Lithium ion battery
2003.08 Selected promising small-cap company
2003.05 Coin type Li-ion rechargeable battery with the world best High energy density, was released by full automated assembly line
2002.06 The world 1st Thinnest Large Capacity Lithium ion battery - PowerCard (1.8Ah) released
2000.03 “Korea power cell Co., Ltd,.” was established Succeeded in launching the world 1st Coin type Li-ion rechargeable battery

Vision & Mission

“Fly high” is our vision


“routejade, We have a dream”


    Make our family happier

    Make our customers more satisfied

    Make our world more peaceful


“Green, Higher and together”


    Green and Energetic
  • HIGH

    Our dream is always getting bigger and wider

    WE prosper together


Introduction of the new CI of Routejade


As the concept that shows clean and pure energy, the name of Routejade symbolized the power of the underlying energy. Rotating triangle among blue / green / orange colors means monolith element of natural elements. It contains the willingness to create a more harmonious society and beautiful nature through the products of Routejade.

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Grid System

Grid system is used to do zoom-in/out by photoengraving based on the manuscript for engraving and it is untilized in all kinds of media.

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Signiture is the system which organically combines basic factors, brand mark, logo type and slogan to build the unificative image and increase its effect of the brand. Utilization of the signiture should obey the each regulation including composition of space and the proportion and it must be based on the reproduction data of this mannual. The signiture should be utilized by following the principle of the combination and the proportion according to the regulation if you want to make the signiture specially enlarged.

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Color Standards

The exclusive color is the key element with the brand mark and logo type. This color should be sternly managed by the regulated color management instruction because the exclusive color especially playes improtant role in building the brand image. The main color among the exclusive colors of Routejade must be based on using especial feature. It must be used according to 4 color screen process regulation in case of printing media, news paper and magazines, etc..

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Routejade's employees will lead the future of energy industry


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Head Quarters / Factory

Address. [Road Name Address] 24-8, Gayagongdan-gil, Gayagok-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Tel. 82-70-8611-2100

Fax. 82-41-741-0831

Sales Office (Seoul)

Address. [Road Name Address] (Jinjeong Building) 3rd Floor, 7-7, Baumoe-ro 27-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Tel. 82-70-8611-2105

Fax. 82-2-529-8725

Conflict minerals policy

Conflict minerals policy

Routejade (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has established a conflict minerals management policy to comply with laws and fulfill social responsibilities.

We strictly manage our suppliers so that conflict minerals (Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold) which unethically mined in conflict zones (Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Sudan, Central African Republic, etc.) are not involved in our supply chain.

Conflict minerals management policy

  • - We will ensure that no conflict minerals associated with armed forces in the conflict zone are used in our products.
  • - We will identify all refinery names and locations of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold used in our products Using the Conflict Minerals Usage Report Questionnaire provided by EICC-GeSI.
  • - We will ask our suppliers to submit a questionnaire on the use of conflict minerals and to confirm in writing that they are not using conflict minerals.
  • - We will establish due diligence procedures in accordance with the OECD due diligence guidelines, and if necessary will conduct due diligence on the procedures and materials that our partners have conducted to report on the use of conflict minerals.
  • - Suppliers should ensure that products delivered to us do not include conflict minerals that contribute to the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo or its neighbors.
  • - Suppliers shall make good faith efforts to identify all the names and locations of all smelters where conflict minerals were purchased in the supply chain.
  • - Suppliers must fill out and submit the Conflict Minerals Reporting Report in a timely manner at the request of the Company.
  • - Suppliers are required to take corrective action in a written report if any risks are found in the supply chain.

We may suspend the transaction with the partner in case of we do not receive sufficient information from suppliers to verify whether conflict minerals are used, or suppliers provide false information, or risks have been discovered in the supplier's supply chain but no corrective actions have been taken.